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Root System Improve Root Promoter Seaweed Functional Organic Fertilizer for Plants

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

Product Detail:

Colour black
Shape powder
Humic Acid 50%
Particle 80mesh
Moisture 25%max
Source Leonardite
PH 9-11
Usage agriculture, industry

Product benefits:

 1. Easy to use.

The fertilizer was spraying granulation,round and brown yellow in appearance.

2. Enough nutrients.It not only contains chemical materials,but also organic materials and microelements can keep the health and high-producing of crops.Amino acid can strength the crops growth,enhance the crops resistance,improved the farm products quality.Humic acid can keep moisture,improve the growth of crop roots.

3. Harmless.The harmful index of eggs,bacteria and heavy metal is much less than national standard.

4. Increase the physiological activity of crops,balance the nutrition,activate the enzyme activity,and improve the stress resistance and disease resistance of crops.

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