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Fertilizer Improve Root Promoter Seaweed Functional Organic Fertilizer for Plants

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Appearance  Black Brown liquid
Water solubility  Completely
Smell  Seaweed smell
Alginic acid  50g/L min
Organic matter  300g/L min
Mannitol  5g/L min
Amino acid  6g/L min
K2O  50g/L min
Cytokinin& Gibberellin  200ppm min
Trace elements  20g/L min
pH  8.0-10.0


1. Improve the soil environment, highly resist heavy stubble,and mature the cultivated layer to make the soil breathable and retain water.

2. Promote the development of crop root system and lodging resistance.It has a good recovery effect on the stiff seeding,weak seeding and replanting after disaster caused by bad factors such as environment,lack of       element and climate.

3. Increase output and improve quality.Increase the photosynthesis of crops,color quickly,bright color,thick meat juice,increase sugar,prolong the shelf life.

4. Strengthen the absorption and operation ability of plant nutrients,improve the content of chlorophyll and increase the accumulation of dry matter.


Foliar Spraying

Dilution Radio 1:400 to 1:800

Irrigate Root

Dilution Radio 1:200 to 1:300
Germination Stage:15-30L/Ha
Rapid Growing Stage: 30-45L/Ha
Fruit Stage: 15-45L/Ha

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