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Hot Sale Organic Farming Seaweed Fertilizer

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1,Standard: Y481-2002
2,HS Code: 3101 0090

3,Classification:Compound Fertilizer


5,CAS No.:NPK +organic matter

6,MF:N P2O5 K2O

7,EINECS No.:organic matter

8,Strength: 7.1-8.8N


  1. This product can be used as basal fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, the suggested amount is 50 kilograms per 665 square meter.
  2. This product can be used for spray irrigation and drip irrigation, the suggested amount is 10 kg per 665 square meter.
  3. Can be used as a powder ground film, spray the product evenly on the surface of the soil in need of plastic film: 10 minutes will become a film, automatically degraded after the budding, save money and labor!
  4. Conventional dilution factor of this product is 10-800 times, the maximum dilution factor up to 1500 times.

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All of our products are made by top quality , we will check the quality before deliver to you If there any problem on quality We will solve the problem for you in the first time, and will come up with the most suitable solution to solve the after-sales problem.

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