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Natural Seaweed Extract Contains Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Alginic Acid

21g/L min

Organic Matter


Total Nitrogen

  80g/L min


35g/L min


40g/L min

Total Amino Acid

 20g/L min

Solubility in Water



Black Liquid


This product needs to be diluted twice before using, ensure fully dissolved and add the right amount of water in a small container, then add Kelp Extract with stirring

Synergist: Formulated with soluble micro-element/ humic acid/ amino acid/ NPK fertilizers
Foliar Spray: 2000-3000 times dilution, 0.5-0.8kg/ha
Drip irrigation: 1200-1500 times dilution, 6-15kg/ha
Seeds soaking: 0.5kg/kg seed
Seed Coating: 600-800 dilution


1. It acts as broad-spectrum antibacterial agent.

2. It can improve crops quality, enhance resistance to adversity and promote plant growth.

3. It can induce gene recombine.

4. It can improve crop immunity and degrade pesticide residue.

5. It can kill fungus and cure plant disease.

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