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Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20

Model Number 20-20-20
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  Potassium humate is a kind of organic potassium fertilizer with high efficiency, because humic acid is a kind of bio-active preparation, which can increase the content of available potassium in soil, reduce the loss and fixation of potassium, increase the absorption and utilization rate of potassium on crops, improve soil, promote crop growth, improve crop stress resistance, improve crop quality and conservation. It can be mixed with urea, phosphorus fertilizer, potassium fertilizer and trace elements to produce high-efficiency multifunctional compound fertilizer.


1. Increase fertilizer use efficiency: It can chelate nutrients in soil, gather secondary element and trace element, and easily to be absorbed by crop.
2. Regulating effect: The abundant amino acid can regulate the function of crop.

3. Improve stress resistance: It can inhibit synthesis of proteases inhibitor in the leaves, increase protein activity and content, resist low temperature, drought, nutrient deficiency and other abiotic stress.

4. Stimulate crop native defensive system - SAR(systemic acquired resistance) and HR (high sensitivity).

5. Increase photosynthesis, so that will promote crop growing.

Usage: It can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. The specific dosage is adjusted according to crop yield, soil fertility and the guidance of local agricultural technology department

Attention: Store in a cool and dry place, protected from sun, rain and moisture. Pay attention to seed fertilizer isolation when fertilizing.=

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