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Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable, Frtuit, Tree, Crop, and Other Plants

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NPK water soluble fertilizer is a kind of totally water soluble fertilizer which is made of abundant and nutritional ingredients. It is free of chloride, sodium and other unfavorable elements to plants. Hibong Liquid NPK Water Soluble fertilizer is also added certain amount alginate which made the product suitable and effective to plants.

Application Method:
(1) Foliar Spray:Dilute with water for 1000-1200 times and spray on leaves. Use15-30KL per Hectare.  The interval of every spray should be 15-20 days.
(2) Irrigation: Dilute with 1000-1200 times water and irrigate the plants. Use 200-300KL per Hectare.
(3) Water Flushing:Dilute with 1000-1200 times water and irrigate the plants. Use 15-30KL per Hectare.


1-Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.
2-Keep away from fire and heat sources.
3-Oxidants should be stored separately and avoid mixing reservoir.
4-Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment.
5-Storage areas should be equipped with appropriate materials asylum leakage.

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