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Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20

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Humic acid is formed  by microbial degradation of the dead biological substances such as lignin. Its specific properties and structure depending on a given sample source from water or soil to extract the specific conditions. However, while the humic acid is from different sources, the performance is very similar. Humus in soils and sediments can be divided into three main parts: humic acid (Humic acid, HA), fulvic acid (fulvic acid, FA) and humin (humin, HM). HA is soluble in alkali solution, but not soluble in water and acid; FA is soluble in alkali, soluble in water and acid; the HM is neither soluble in alkali, nor soluble in water and acids.


1). It can be absorbed by plants directly, speed up the crops mature and shorten the growth period.

2). Improve the ecological environment, no residual, no pollution;

     Improving soil physical and chemical properties;

3). Improve the photosynthesis, strong the stalk, thicken the foliar;

     Increase the resistances against coldness, drought and warm dry wind.


1).With high content of boron and calcium, prevent various physiological diseases of plants, strengthen fruit coloring, improve sugar contain, extend crops storage time and improve crops quality.

2). Promoting to absorbing efficiency nutrition and root growth, strengthening the ability of resisting cold, drought and pest.

3). The amino acid, each kind of active substance can improve the plant quality, enhance the yield and extend fruit storage.

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