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Bio Organic Animal Manure Fertilizer Granulator Production Plant

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Product Description:

Potassium humate is extracted with high quality humic acid and extracted with potassium hydroxide.

Potassium humic acid is an economical Potassium Humate organic fertilizer.

For agriculture: can be used directly for spray irrigation, drip irrigation and liquid organic fertilizer,plant growth stimulant and fertilizer promoter. It also becomes a kind of powerful multi-functional compound fertilizer after combined with Nitrogen,Phosphorus,Kalium and other micro nutrient elements.

Product Advantage:
1.High water solubility
2.Particle uniformity
3.Adequate supply,short delivery
4.A variety of nitrogen sources
5.Scientific formula,nutritionally balanced
6.Soil testing,local service,technical support,scientific guidance
7.Sulfur low chlorine,soil improvement,stress tolerance and disease prevention,improve the quality of crop

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