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Dr Aid NPK 25 14 6 Compound Agriculture Manure 50kg Nirogen Granular Fertilizer for Rice

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Potassium sulphate is an important chlorine-free potassium fertilizer containing sulfur and potassium. K2O content is 50%-52%, and the S content is about 17%-18%. Agricultural potassium sulfate is mostly pale yellow. Potassium sulfate is a water-soluble potassium fertilizer because of its low moisture absorption, non-caking, good physical properties and convenient application. Potassium sulfate is especially suitable for cash crops that are resistant to chlorine and like potassium, such as tobacco, grapes, beet, tea, potatoes, flax and various fruit trees. It is also the main raw material for making chlorine-free nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary compound fertilizer. Potassium sulfate is a chemical neutral and physiological acidic fertilizer, which is suitable for a variety of soils (excluding flooded soils) and crops.


1- •Activate beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
2- •Flocculate clay particles or aggregates sand for improved soil structure.
3- •Buffer stress from soil toxicities (salts & heavy metals). Treatment for soil contamination of Heavy Metals!
4- •Leave zero harmful chemical residues.
5- •Inhibit the pathogenic microorganism, prevent and reduce the diseases; Pests do not develop resistance.
6- •Buffer roots against the damaging effect of highly acidic or alkaline soils.


Directions for use: 3-5kg/mu for soil improvement

Package:Powder: 1kg to 25kg per paper bag with PE liner or bulk bag. Liquid: 1L to 200L per barrel. Can do per customer demands.

Stock: The products innocuous and unpoisonous, please store at cool dry place.

Shelf life: 24 month

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