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Green Agricultural Kinds of Bulk Seaweed Organic Fertilizer

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Potassium Fulvate Shiny Flake is Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid+ Potassium, it is a kind of plant growth agent and can improve soil condition. It is a highly soluble product with a very fine fracture of mineral compounds, easily assimilated by plants. Humate improves immunity, plant metabolism, develops root system. It gives the plant resistibility to disease and unfavorable natural factors, reduces the loss of applied mineral.


1.Agriculture and Forestry Organic Fertilizer, used alone in Turfgrass; Compound with N.P.K to produce Liquid fertilizer, Organic fertilizer, plant nutrition liquid; Agents of pesticides, soil, and stockbreeding, etc.
2.Building and construction Concrete retarder, environmentally friendly coating agent, Decoration material, etc.
3.Water resources protection Supply water purifier, Sewage proposal, Erosion proof and scale remover.
4.Ceramics Material reinforcement agent of ceramic products, polish agent.
5.Oil field services Oil drilling fluid, Fluid loss agent, Anti-collapse agent, etc.

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