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Microbial Fermentation Enhancer Organic Soil Conditioner Fertilizer Indoor Plants

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Analysis Urea


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White crystal

1.Soil Amendment: High physiological activity . It an improve the structure of soil grains ; restore the balance of soil flora; reduce soil diseases
2.Promote root growth.
Natural plant rooting stimulation preparation .It can promote the number of hair roots doubled
3.Recovery effect on vegetables .
The product has a good recovery effect on vegetables that are dead for unknown reasons. such as new roots not grow ,yellow and thin plant.and etc.
4.Prevent the root system aging and root rot of fruit trees.

Packing & Delivery
Packing: 1000 g×20 bags / Carton.
Lead Time: 3 days.
Storage: Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 2 years guaranteed in well sealed condition.
Attention: Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.

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