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Plant Origin Good Soil Conditioner Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer

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Item Formula   
Appearance light yellow powder
Total Nitrogen  15%
Amino -N(organic N) 6.00%
Total Amino Acid  40%
Water Solubility  100%
Moisture ≤1%
PH 4--6


1. Fruit tree (Bananas, Apples, Peaches, Lemons, Citrus, Olives): 150-200KG/1000M2
2. Cereals (Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Rice): 75-150 KG/1000M2
3. Industrial Crops (Tobacco, Sugar beet): 75-200 KG/1000M2
4. Vegetables (Tomato, Potato, Cucumber, Squash, Eggplants): 50-150 KG/1000M2

Good bacteria for Soil & Plant, instead of Chemical fertilizer. Safe and health for our future from here!
1- •Use natural plant metabolic processes without long-term side effects.
2- •Buffer roots against the damaging effect of highly acidic or alkaline soils. Amending PH Value of Soil.
3- •Nitrogen fixation
4- •Increase root mass development naturally-up to 25% and more.
5- •Save costs by lowering the amount of N-P-K that needs to be applied.
6- •Phosphate-solubilizing. Maximize the potential of your fertilizer, resulting in better germination, efficient foliar applications, and a more vigorous growth.

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