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Important Plant Supplement Amino Acid Fertilizer

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Appearance  Dark brown powder & flake & Micro granular
Water solubulity  Completely
Total humic acid (dry basis)  80% min
Fulvic acid (dry basis)  50% min 
K2O  12% min
Moisture  12% max
Water solubility saturation  700g/L min
pH  8-10


  1. Increases absorption of nutrients through leaves and roots
  2. Promotes enzymatic activity as a natural stimulant
  3. Increases the protein, sugar and vitamin content in the plant
  4. Improves the efficiency of the pesticides and fungicide
  5. Increases crop resistance to adverse conditions like drought, frost, and disease;
  6. Decreases the incidence of certain plant diseases
  7. Increases crop yield and quality
  8. Promotes the formation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll
  9. No residue, improves the physical and chemical properties of soil
  10. Stimulates activities of soil microorganism

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