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100% water soluble plant source amino acid 40%-80% organic fertilizer

Model Number 100%
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Total Nitroge: 8%

Organic Nitrogen:  6.5%

Total amino acids: 400g/L

Water soluble Organic Ca: 10%

Water Soluble Organic Boron: 1.5%

PH: 5-6

Density: 1.3g/L

Chlorine:  none

Nitrate ion: none

Heavy Metal is less than 20 ppm

Appearance:  liquid form

Product Benefits:

1- Pure organic fertilizer without chemical additives

2- Providing long lasting phosphorus to the plants.

3- They are non-burning formula.

4- Harmless to soil, human, wildlife, plants and environment

5- Dedicated for sustainable development for modern organic farming.


1, Foliar Spray :to dilute seaweed extract with 1000-1500 times water ,spraying on leaves without burning sun and raining at intervals of 10-15 days during the growing season.

2, Seed Treatment:0.5-1.0kg for 1 ton seeds.

3, Root Dipping :Diluted with 1000-2000 times water.

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